As trusted leaders in power management and submetering, Northland offers a variety of submeter solutions to accurately monitor your electric, water, steam, and gas energy usage. Years of specialized experience allow our master and journeymen electricians to guide you towards achieving any simple or complex submeter system. At Northland, our services are performed with high quality workmanship, system accuracy, and premium customer service.

DetailED Services

Design Install & Repair

Design Install & Repair – Design is essential to the cost, efficiency, and accuracy of any submeter system. Our experts will examine existing conditions to develop the most simplified and cost-effective plan, including repairs to installation errors commonly found with previously installed meters. Northland is factory recommended and are E-Mon D-Mon certified installers.

Tenant Utility Billing

Our tenant utility billing service provides accurate monthly billing for each tenant’s individual energy usage. The installation and setup of your system directly affects your tenant billing results. Our billing pros can help identify and correct system errors to maximize your utility cost reimbursements.


Energy benchmarking is a method used to determine your building’s energy performance to help identify opportunities of improvement to reduce energy costs, energy waste, harmful emissions and comply with today’s building energy standards.

Demand Load Study

We offer a simple 30-day demand load study to calculate your property’s maximum demand and avoid dangerously overloading your electrical system to remain in compliance with local permit and National Electric Code (NEC) requirements.